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As a global enterprise, InBody’s buyers are located in over 60 countries around the world. Over 50% of the total revenue is generated from exports. In addition to InBody Co., Ltd, which serves as the head office of operations, subsidiaries are present in USA, China, and Japan. It takes priority in keeping a close and healthy relationship with its agents worldwide.


The first overseas subsidiary, InBody, Inc., is facing a steady growth of business in the medical and fitness markets every year. The structure and system of InBody Korea was completely transformed to assimilate to the American market. All sales representatives, including the President, have obtained the ‘InBody Specialist’ qualification, to strive for increasing detail and accuracy in clinical and technological knowledge utilized during sales activities. Having successfully executed various sales-related projects, InBody USA is actively exploring opportunities of expansion into larger markets, i.e. the public sector, while maintaining its leadership position in the current market.

InBody Japan Inc., established around the same time as InBody USA, has its headquarters in Tokyo with branch offices in Osaka, Gifu, Hiroshima, and Kyushu. Works are underway to create independence from the Tokyo office, so each of these offices can function as independent subsidiaries. Technological excellence of the InBody is receiving enormous recognition throughout Japan, with a significant number of published research papers in medical journals involving the use of InBody. With accumulation of studies based on the InBody use, InBody Japan boasts a wealth of clinical data unequal to any other subsidiary; thus serving as a platform for market expansion.

Established in 2008, InBody China has main office in Shanghai, with subsidiaries throughout Beijing, Guangzhou, and Chengdu. Despite being in the early stages of understanding the importance of body composition analysis, at present time, InBody China is reaching out to uncharted waters; and it is already boasting a business market scale larger than any other InBody subsidiary. InBody China is currently focusing on the medical and sport markets while continuing its participation in various government projects. The market to be explored in China is expected to see a continuous long term growth as it is significantly large in both size and potential.

In the subsidiary-centered, global network of InBody, the regional managers are continuously participating in exhibitions, and academic activities, to share the latest information in marketing as well as technology; in order to expand growth in the global market even further.